COC Falls to Saddleback

SANTA CLARITA – The College of the Canyons football team suffered another heartbreaking 50-34 setback to No. 10 Saddleback College on Saturday night at Cougar Stadium.

Coming off of its first losing season in 32 years, the disappointment continued as the Cougars who led most of the way through three quarters, saw their lead vanish with interceptions and blocked punts.

Hoping to lessen the bitter taste of a painful overtime loss to No. 17 Golden West in its first game of the season, the sweet taste of redemption will have to wait yet another week. Continue reading

Trojan Huddle

Highlights of Trojan Huddle.

Pete’s Replacement

Jack del Rio officially said he’s not interested in the USC job today. He was my first choice to restore the Trojan image and minimize the recruiting losses. Think about it. He’s a former Trojan linebacker who understands what it takes to win in the Coliseum and would add toughness to the soft play the Trojans were so accustomed to this year. He’s just a rugged, hard-nosed type of guy that has integrity and character. Even if USC was sanctioned by the NCAA, who better than del Rio to bring the Trojans back to prominence? He can instill that toughness and character into his recruits letting them know USC will be USC again very shortly. He’s also a superb defensive mind and disciplinarian, which the Trojans are in great need of. The guy won seven games this season with Jacksonville, a team who is probably a three or four win team on paper. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t come back to SC, but now, the worst A.D. in America, has to look elsewhere. Here are some of the candidates. Continue reading


I will speak for everyone on behalf of USC in saying that I’m NOT happy with Mike Garrett showing no leadership whatsoever, he needs to go. He’s absolutely clueless and the most pathetic excuse for an Athletic Director. The “Don’t Blame Me” approach is getting very old. He’s already ruined two programs: baseball by firing Hall Of Fame Coach Mike Gillespie, who led the freaking Anteaters to the College World Series shortly after, and basketball by allowing Rodney Guillory to deliver Mayo on a silver platter after he already had burnt SC in the past. If Garrett had any respect for the program, if he had any balls, he would have stopped Tim Floyd in his tracks. Now Kevin O’Neill and his seniors have to suffer for the pathetic leadership Garrett provided. You would think he would know what to do after the football team was the focus of recruiting violations, or that he would have learned the first time Guillory burnt SC, but he didn’t. That’s unacceptable. The least this inadequate AD could do is learn from his mistakes. Not to mention the ridiculous self-imposed sanction he made on the basketball team to protect the football team. No wonder why Jack del Rio turned this chance down – he’s a man of integrity and character – two words Garrett can’t even comprehend. His only credentials that even remotely qualify him for this position is his Heisman Trophy, which has nothing to do with managing an athletic program. Sure, he brought in Pete Carroll, originally, but let’s not forget that Carroll was his fifth choice too. He had Carroll literally fall into his lap and that gave him this super long, undeserved leash from USC.

Complete Bowl Preview

DATE: December 19
BOWL: New Mexico Bowl
MATCH UP: Fresno St vs. Wyoming
WINNER: Fresno St
COMMENT: Fresno State’s RB Ryan Mathews has averaged 151 yards per game – the most of any Division 1 back. That doesn’t bode well for Wyoming’s 91st ranked rush defense.

DATE: December 19
BOWL: St. Petersburg Bowl
MATCH UP: Rutgers vs. Central Florida
WINNER: Rutgers
COMMENT: It’s a current Big East team against a potential Big East team. That’s right, if Rutgers bolts for the Big 10 +2, UCF may be the most logical replacement choice for the Big East. They have an emerging football program under George “I lied to Notre Dame” O’Leary and Michael Jordan’s son plays for their basketball team… sorry Adidas…

DATE: December 20
BOWL: New Orleans Bowl
MATCH UP: Southern Miss vs. Middle Tennessee St
WINNER: Southern Mississippi
COMMENT: Umm… Sunday Night Football is airing at the same time. You do realize no one will watch this game New Orleans, don’t you? That’s too bad because Middle Tennessee is the best nine-win team you’ve still never seen. Since I’ve never seen them I’m taking Southern Miss on the strength of their workhorse Damion Fletcher who has rushed for 5,224 yards in his career – that’s not a typo!

DATE: December 22
BOWL: Las Vegas Bowl
MATCH UP: Oregon St. vs. BYU
WINNER: Oregon St
COMMENT: The Beavers have the fewest giveaways in the nation, a QB completing 70 % of his passes, and two super freaks in the Rodgers Bros. Jacquizz everyone knows about – 1377 yards and the whole USC upset, but James has been just as effective – averaging 184 all-purpose yards a game (5th in nation.)

DATE: December 23
BOWL: Poinsettia Bowl
MATCH UP: Cal vs. Utah
COMMENT: No Jahvid Best, no problem. Shane Vereen has filled in admirably. He has 444 yards in three games since Best’s injury averaging more than five yards per carry. The Sophomore quietly has more than 1,500 yards in his career and will be a great starting back the next two years for Cal. Look for him to play well, but the big question for Cal is Kevin Riley’s inconsistency. He’s only completed 53% of his passes with four picks his past four games. There’s also the question of motivation for Cal and Utah comes from the underrated MWC with eight consecutive bowl victories. Kyle Whittingham will have Utah ready to play, while Cal seems to be in its perennial year-end tailspin. Continue reading

Thursday… time for some picks

It’s Thursday, which means the first games of the week are starting, so that means it’s time to look forward to the weekend ahead. Here goes nothing… Continue reading

LITTLE 11 Rant #1

Now that we’ve had time to completely digest week 1 of the college football season, it’s time to discuss…

The Little 11 continues to be the most overrated conference in the history of rankings. Remember how they went 1-6 during last year’s bowl season? It’s quite ironic that the one team who actually won a bowl game, Iowa, struggled mightily just to beat a 1-AA team, yes you guys can disguise yourselves as the FCS, but you’re still 1-AA to me. I hate nothing more than a NCAA Division 1 team who schedules a 1-AA program (I’m talking to you Florida too.) Every time it happens, I just pray for a Virginia-like outcome, or the outcome that should have happened in Iowa. Continue reading