I will speak for everyone on behalf of USC in saying that I’m NOT happy with Mike Garrett showing no leadership whatsoever, he needs to go. He’s absolutely clueless and the most pathetic excuse for an Athletic Director. The “Don’t Blame Me” approach is getting very old. He’s already ruined two programs: baseball by firing Hall Of Fame Coach Mike Gillespie, who led the freaking Anteaters to the College World Series shortly after, and basketball by allowing Rodney Guillory to deliver Mayo on a silver platter after he already had burnt SC in the past. If Garrett had any respect for the program, if he had any balls, he would have stopped Tim Floyd in his tracks. Now Kevin O’Neill and his seniors have to suffer for the pathetic leadership Garrett provided. You would think he would know what to do after the football team was the focus of recruiting violations, or that he would have learned the first time Guillory burnt SC, but he didn’t. That’s unacceptable. The least this inadequate AD could do is learn from his mistakes. Not to mention the ridiculous self-imposed sanction he made on the basketball team to protect the football team. No wonder why Jack del Rio turned this chance down – he’s a man of integrity and character – two words Garrett can’t even comprehend. His only credentials that even remotely qualify him for this position is his Heisman Trophy, which has nothing to do with managing an athletic program. Sure, he brought in Pete Carroll, originally, but let’s not forget that Carroll was his fifth choice too. He had Carroll literally fall into his lap and that gave him this super long, undeserved leash from USC.


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