Sherman Oaks Little League Makes Fierce Comeback, But Falls Short

Sherman Oaks Little League (4-2) lost to Encino 13-9 Monday afternoon at Northridge Little League.

Most teams would have packed it in trailing 9-2 with two outs in the bottom of the fourth, but Sherman Oaks showed heart and fought until the bitter end.

Sherman Oaks proceeded to make a miraculous two-out rally, scoring seven runs to tie the game at 9-9, but the hill was too steep to climb as Encino scored four runs in the top of the sixth to seal the victory.

“I thought we could’ve come back,” said pitcher Jimmy Brooks. “We were down 9-2 and we almost did it.”

Brendon Dunn hit a two-run homer. Caleb Shulman belted a solo home run and two RBI. Tyler Cox crushed two RBI. D.J. Vergini and Jackson Gregory blasted one RBI each. Jimmy Brooks ripped an RBI. Jeffrey Shepherd and Shulman scored twice. Brooks, Cox, Dunn, Gregory and Vergini scored once

“Hats off to Encino. They did their thing and just beat us fair and square,” said Brooks.

District Tournament Schedule (All Games at Northridge):
1 – Northridge 20, Canyon Country 0 (6/23)
2 – Encino 8, Woodland Hills 1 (6/23)
3 – Sherman Oaks 6, Castaic 0 (6/24)
4 – Mission Hills 7 vs Granada Hills 2 (6/24)
5 – Woodland Hills vs Castaic (elim) – Castaic forfeits
6 – Canyon Country 12 vs Granada Hills 11 (elim) (6/30)
7 – Encino 12 vs Sherman Oaks 3 (6/30)
8 – Northridge 11 vs Mission Hills 1 (6/30)
9 – Sherman Oaks 9 vs Woodland Hills 7 (elim) (7/1)
10 – Canyon Country 4 vs Mission Hills 2 (elim) (7/1)
11 – Encino 10 vs Northridge 0 (7/7)
12 – Sherman Oaks 10 vs Canyon Country 0 (elim) (7/7)
13 – Sherman Oaks 8 vs Northridge 2 (elim) (7/8)
14 – Encino 13 vs Sherman Oaks 9 (7/9)

Other Age Groups:

14-under (Juniors): Encino defeated Sherman Oaks 12-2 to win the title.

11-under: Sherman Oaks defeated Northridge 18-1 to win the championship.

10-under: Sherman Oaks defeated Encino 6-3 to win the championship.


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