Centennial at Chaparral

CORONA CENTENNIAL at TEMECULA CHAPARRAL – The first two games haven’t been exactly what Coach Tommy Leach was hoping for at Chaparral (0-2). He thought he had a legitimate state championship contender, and perhaps even a legitimate national champion. The national and state championships are gone after two games, but at least the Pumas can still win the CIF title. They face another juggernaut nonconference opponent in Centennial (2-0). If the Pumas want to have any success down the road, Coach Leach needs to open up the passing game and become more imaginative in his play calls. Against Oceanside, seemingly every play call was a slip screen or a quarterback keeper. Sooner or later, any defense will be able to figure that out. Antoine Arnold needs to step up. He’s supposed to be one of the top recruits in the nation, and now he has to prove it. Teammate and SDSU bound Darius Guillory can only do so much by himself. Meanwhile, it’s Matt Logan’s Huskies who look poised to compete for a state championship. Michael Eubank leads the Huskies with 193 passing yards a game and 94 rushing yards a game. He’s looking for a D-1 scholarship and the rushing combo of Barrinton Collins (279 yards) and Romello Goodman (212 yards) could help put him over the hump by loosening the secondary.

Prediction: Since I’m calling the game, I will take the Kirk Herbstreit approach and not give my pick


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