Sober Rankings

1. New York Yankees (101-56) The Yanks have spent far too long without a championship in the eyes of the evil empire. Is it possible the Yanks go an entire decade without winning the World Series?

2. Los Angeles Dodgers (93-64) The hitting looks good, the bullpen looks good, the starting pitching looks bad – I mean really, really bad. It’s going to be really tough to advance in the playoffs if you can’t count on one single pitcher to shut down the opposition. Who will Joe Torre pick to pitch?

3. Los Angeles Angels (92-64) The celebration on Nick Adenhart’s jersey was sort of weird, but I guess they wanted to involve him in the festivities as well. The Halos will look to Adenhart for some guidance on how to throttle the Sox – their kryptonite.

4. Boston Red Sox (91-65) Boston will wrap up a playoff appearance within the next few days. They get the Angels who they’ve owned in the playoffs, and then would probably have to face the Yankees in the ALCS – can you say dream match up?

5. St. Louis Cardinals (90-66) Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday – that’s just scary as the playoffs approach. Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter – that’s just scary as the playoffs approach. This team may have what it takes to win it all with the best 3-4 combo and the best 1-2 combo in the game.

6. Philadelphia Phillies (90-66) It’s amazing this team still has 90 wins with all of the Brad Lidge blowups. They really need to solidify their bullpen if they want to repeat this season. It would be awfully tough to repeat if they end up having to go on the road to St. Louis and Los Angeles just to get back to the World Series.

7. Colorado Rockies (88-68) The Braves are coming hard in the rear view mirror. The Rockies are only two up, but the Dodgers should clinch the west before playing the Rockies this week, so it might be easier for them to hold on to their minuscule lead for just one more week…

8. Texas Rangers (85-71) The Rangers are all but eliminated down six games to the Red Sox with six to play. If you said this team wasn’t going to have their all-star Josh Hamilton for most of the year and still end up with around 85+ wins – I’m sure Texans would have taken it.

9. Atlanta Braves (86-70) The Braves are really making a late push to make the playoffs. Their pitching staff would be a major concern for the Dodgers if they made the playoffs. At this point, the Braves fifth pitcher may very well be better than the Dodgers’ first option.

10. San Francisco Giants (83-73) The Giants are fading away back into obscurity, but at least they outperformed expectations this season. The key will be to build upon the momentum for next year. Can they sign any big names in the offseason?

11. Minnesota Twins (82-74) The Twins control their own destiny. They win three against the Tigers and they’re in the driver’s seat after spending most of the season in either second or third place.

12. Detroit Tigers (83-73) Panic has to be setting in in the Motor City. The Tigers lead is down to a single game, and the Twins are in town to, perhaps, make that margin less.

13. Florida Marlins (83-74) The Fish are still hanging around by a thread. To make the playoffs, all they need to do is win all their games and have the Rockies lose all theirs…

The rest of the teams are eliminated and will not be addressed in depth again until next spring training…

14. Seattle Mariners (80-76)

15. Tampa Bay Rays (80-76)

16. Chicago Cubs (81-74)

17. Milwaukee Brewers (77-79)

18. Chicago White Sox (76-81)

19. Oakland A’s (75-81)

20. Toronto Blue Jays (73-84)

21. Cincinnati Reds (74-82)

22. San Diego Padres (72-85)

23. Houston Astros (73-83)

24. Arizona Diamondbacks (68-88)

25. New York Mets (67-90)

26. Cleveland Indians (64-92)

27. Kansas City Royals (64-93)

28. Baltimore Orioles (60-96)

29. Pittsburgh Pirates (59-96)

30. Washington Nationals (53-103)


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