Sober Rankings

1. New York Yankees (95-55) The Yanks are the first team to clinch a berth to the postseason. They will have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, so the pressure is on…

2. Boston Red Sox (89-59) The Sox really pulled away from the pack of wild card hopefuls. A familiar foe, the Angels, are waiting for them in the playoffs.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers (90-60) The Dodgers are starting to play better baseball again, but the the pitching situation is really a concern. Who will they use? Billingsley has been awful as of late, Kershaw and Kuroda are recovering from injuries and Garland and Padilla didn’t even start the season as Dodgers.

4. Los Angeles Angels (89-60) The Angels have to hate the fact that Boston will be coming in town again for the playoffs. The Sox seem to be in the Halos heads. Terry Francona’s bunch is Mike Scioscia’s kryptonite.

5. St Louis Cardinals (87-63) The Cards have fallen a game back of the Phillies, which is significant because finishing ahead of the Phillies means home field advantage against the wild card, while finishing behind them means starting in Los Angeles.

6. Philadelphia Phillies (87-61) The Phillies can taste a third straight NL East crown. They’re currently in a major positioning battle for the postseason. If they finish with a better record than the Cards, their first game will be at home against the Rockies, but if the Cards finish better than them, they will start the postseason in Los Angeles.

7. Colorado Rockies (85-65) It must feel good to be 4.5 games up with only 12 to play. They can’t get complacent though because they still have to take on the Cardinals, Dodgers and Padres (who seem to be relishing the spoiler role.)

8. Texas Rangers (81-67) It looked like they’d challenge the Red Sox for a while, but they’ve actually fallen farther behind the Sox than the Angels. The schedule down the stretch is not exactly easy either, they play the resurgent A’s (who just swept them), the Rays, the Angels and Mariners.

9. Detroit Tigers (79-70) The Tigers barely salvaged the final game of the series against the Twins. Had they not won that game, their lead would have been down to one, but as it stands now it’s three, which is still possibly losable considering they have one series left with the Twins.

10. San Francisco Giants (80-69) 4.5 games back of the wild card isn’t good, but at least the Rockies still have a series with the Cardinals and Dodgers. Problem is the Dodgers in all likelihood will have wrapped up the NL West by then, so the games would be meaningless for them.

11. Florida Marlins (80-70) It’s the same every year, this team just won’t go away. They’re five games back of the wild card, but with only 12 games left to play, they’ll need a small miracle.

12. Seattle Mariners (78-72) The Mariners are one loss away from getting eliminated, but have had a very successful season nonetheless. The AL West should be one of the most exciting races in 2010.

13. Tampa Bay Rays (77-73) Eliminated… it’s kind of sad to be four games over and be eliminated when teams like the White Sox and Brewers are under .500 yet still have a chance mathematically.

14. Atlanta Braves (79-70) With two series left against the Nats and one against the Mets, is it possible for the Braves to make a run and claim the wild card? They’ll need some help considering they don’t play the Rockies or Giants, but at least they’re facing easy competition and the Marlins, who are ahead of them by 1/2 game.

15. Minnesota Twins (76-73) The Twins really needed to pull off the sweep of the Tigers, but with two series left against the Royals and one against the Tigers, they have plenty of chances to make up ground.

16. Chicago Cubs (76-72) Even though the Cubbies aren’t officially eliminated yet, Bobby Scales play in left field (a fly ball that should have been caught but he accidentally hit it over the fence) summarized the season for them – an absolute disaster. Speaking of disasters, how about Milton Bradley?

17. Milwaukee Brewers (74-75) The Brew crew is showing some last season integrity by putting together a five game winning streak even when they’re out of the playoff race. With this five game winning streak, the team may be able to finish over .500 for the second consecutive season – a major feat for the Brewers.

18. Oakland A’s (71-78) Eliminated… the A’s are eliminated, but has anyone noticed how hot they’ve been recently? They’ve won seven in a row including nine of the last 10 and have a shot to make it to .500 for the season. That would be quite a statement for the AL West.

19. Chicago White Sox (73-77) At least White Sox fans got a preview of Jake Peavy for next season. Peavy went five innings and picked up a win in his first career start for the South Side.

20. Houston Astros (70-79) Eliminated… zzzzzz… not much to say about them, they’re quite a boring team

21. San Diego Padres (68-82) Eliminated… much like the A’s, this team has played well as of late, and has really played the spoiler role to the max.

22. Cincinnati Reds (69-81) Eliminated… there’s always next year for Dusty’s young crew…

23. Toronto Blue Jays (66-83) Eliminated… how much longer will Roy Halladay be a Blue Jay…

24. New York Mets (65-85) Way eliminated… too embarrassing to even make fun of anymore…

25. Arizona Diamondbacks (65-85) Eliminated… what ever happened to the NL West champions in 07… weren’t they a young team… shouldn’t this team at least be in contention…

26. Cleveland Indians (61-88) Eliminated… far more disappointing than the Dbacks. The Tribe was just one game away from the World Series in 07… what the heck happened to these two teams?

27. Baltimore Orioles (60-89) Eliminated… might as well be eliminated next year too because there’s no way they can match up with the Sox and Yanks ever…

28. Kansas City Royals (61-88) Eliminated… but at least they have Zack Greinke… can Greinke win the Cy Young on the worst team in the AL?

29. Pittsburgh Pirates (56-91) Eliminated… 15 games left to be played in 14 days… probably not going to happen, so they may luck out of losing 100 games, but I doubt it…

30. Washington Nationals (51-98) Eliminated… this team has 100 losses locked up… we should have known this team would get to the magical 100 number right from the time when their uniforms were missing an “O”…


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