Sober Rankings

1. New York Yankees (82-48) It’s no secret Derek Jeter is the glue that’s held the Yankees together since 1996, but Jeter’s August is worth an extra look. Jeter’s crushing it in August, batting .374 with six homers, 17 RBI and 23 runs.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers (78-53) It’s been a weird season for Dodger starters. There hasn’t been one true #1 all season, but three different guys filled the role throughout the year. Chad Billingsley started 9-3, 2.83 ERA until June 20, where he passed the baton to Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw then had an astounding 5-1, 1.16 ERA performance until August 10. Finally, Randy Wolf has grasped the #1 role. Since August 11, he’s 4-0, 1.80 ERA. So the million dollar question is who the heck will be their #1 starter in the playoffs?

3. Los Angeles Angels (77-52) The Angels drop a spot in the rankings after a less than stellar past couple of weeks. The pick up of Scott Kazmir should be huge should he play the way he did in his last outing for the Rays.

4. Boston Red Sox (76-54) Here’s an interesting almost uncanny stat: Clay Buchholz is 3-0, 1.35 ERA against the Blue Jays this year, but a dreadful 0-3, 6.33 ERA against everyone else. The Sox are really starting to heat up again at the right time.

5. St Louis Cardinals (77-55) Boy has John Smoltz enjoyed his return to the NL. In his two games played he has a microscopic 0.82 ERA in 11 innings. Continue reading