David Buehler…the kicker from USC

buehlerIt’s not too often you find a kicker worthy of discussion, but this rookie kicker, David Buehler, from USC – is not your average kicker.

Buehler stands 6″2 and weighs 227 lbs. In fact, I’d call him an actual football player, not just a measly kicker. How appropriate that even the kicker from USC – NFL U – can lay the wood. Buehler immediately impressed NFL scouts at the combine last April by putting up 225 lbs 25 times! He out lifted former teammate Rey Maualuga and two first round offensive linemen (Michael Oher and Eugine Monroe) at the combine. Then he lined up for the 40-yard dash and sprinted to a 4.62. THIS IS NO JOKE. A kicker runs the 40 like a running back and lifts weights like a linebacker!!!

And speaking of running, the guy challenged rookie safety DeAngelo Smith to a 50-yard dash and won.

The story gets even better… this guy at one point actually was a kicker, a running back and a linebacker. In his only year at the Junior College level, he made first team all-mission conference for all three duties.

He currently kicks and covers punts for the Dallas Cowboys. He IS the one doing the kicking (1 fg and 1 touchback his first preseason game), but he’s NOT the one doing the punting. He’s actually one of the kamikaze gunners attacking the poor, defenseless returner. Buehler made two tackles in his first NFL action and may make the team as not just a kicker, but as a special teamer.
If you want to see Buehler in action click on this youtube video. Go to 3:10 in and you will see his versatility. Video from his JC career starts at about 4:20… enjoy!


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