Day 4 L.A. Tennis roundup

Dudi Sela vs. Robert Kendrick
Sela had amazing support today in Los Angeles that helped pull him through his three-set victory over Kendrick. Sela is a great player to watch if you’re a smaller guy like me. He does everything fundamentally well. Watch his court positioning too, if you’re a little guy. He has two different looks. One being right on the baseline, so he can take the ball early on the bounce up, the other being deep in the court so the heavy topspin ball won’t bounce over his shoulder. He also comes to the net a lot to put away points because he may not have as much power as bigger players, but plays the way coaches should teach their players – an aggressive attacking style of tennis with no rest or break for his opponents. One of his favorite tactics is hitting a drop shot to his opponent so he can pass cross court, and his defensive play is second to none.

Ryan Sweeting vs. Sam QuerreyIMG00003-20090730-1428
In a battle of Americans, the lesser known one, Ryan Sweeting played great tennis, but lost in three sets. Sweeting regularly serves the ball around 130 mph and has huge, but inconsistent, ground strokes. Sweeting, a former U.S. Open Juniors champion, proved he has skills, and should make it into the top 100 in no time. He’s currently at his career high ranking of #155, and looks to be on the rise. The other American, Sam Querrey looks to continue his hot streak. He’s made the final in his last two tournaments, and has a big quarterfinal match against Sela tomorrow. Querrey is looking to become seeded in a grand slam for the first time in his career. He currently is at a career high #32, right on the brink of being seeded for the Open.

Here’s a special look behind the scenes of the ESPN Gameday booth setup at Straus Stadium for the next four days of the tournament.dodgers 034


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