Wacky Wednesday

July 29, 2009
The Pirates continue their trend in trading their best players. This time they send Jack Wilson and Ian Snell to the Mariners, while also disposing of Freddy Sanchez to the Giants.
July 29, 2003
Bill Mueller becomes the first player to hit grand slams from both sides of the plate in one game.

July 28, 2007
MLB sets a new record for most people attending a baseball game in a single day with the help of two doubleheaders. 717,478 enter gates among all the ballparks.
July 28, 2001
Melvin Mora’s wife gives birth to quintuplets!

July 27, 2008
A’s rookie Brad Ziegler sets a record for most consecutive innings without giving up a run at the start of a career. He makes it to 27.

July 25, 1996
Bruce Ruffin of the Rockies strikes out four in one inning. This is the 25th time that’s happened in baseball history.

July 24, 2004
The Madison Mallards, a minor league team, has 5,000 fans brush their teeth at the same time, setting an American record for most people brushing their teeth at the same time. How cleanly of them…

July 23, 2009
Mark Buehrle tosses the 18th perfect game in history thanks to defensive replacement DeWayne Wise’s unbelievable leaping catch at the wall in the bottom of the ninth.
July 23, 2002
Nomar Garciaparra homers three times in two innings. He hits two out in the second, followed by another in the third.


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