Tuesday Tennis

Indy_Tennis_LillyIt seems a bit unusual that the U.S. Open Series is starting in Indianapolis this week considering the field has absolutely been decimated. This tournament used to field 48 men, and it used to be a place where some of the best came to start out the summer hard court season the right way. Instead, Indy tennis fans are left with a smaller 32-man field and the 68th player in the world has received a seed, while the 24th player received the #1 seed.

On top of all of this, the 125th player in the world got the last direct acceptance into the draw. Part of the reason so few players are attending is because the former master series Hamburg, is also this week. However, the real reason is that Indy 250-POS-RGB-Sand next week’s L.A. tournament have been “awarded” 250 labels by the ATP. Hamburg this week is a 500, which means you win more points for each round you advance up to 500. So think about it, with this new point system, you receive 2,000 for a grand slam victory, 1,000 for a master series, 500 for one of the eight newly designated 500 tournaments and only a mere 250 for the rest. Why would a top player ever want to play a 250? It’s a waste of his time. The points don’t amount to anything for them. You can’t blame them for either not showing up at all, or pulling out late as Andy Roddick did this week. The last thing a top-tier player wants to do is come out flat and not try his absolute best. If this happens he may lose his form in the “real” tournaments. Getting beaten by an inferior player who thinks the match is as big as a grand slam is not very appealing to a top player. thescoreboardCompare it to Appalachian State beating Michigan in football a couple of years ago. The Wolverines come out flat, and a bit complacent thinking they’re going to walk all over App State, but they end up losing an historic game because, for App State, this game was their bowl game. Same rule applies here for tennis. It’s so sad what the once strong Indy has now become. To think that a tournament with once so strong traditions and champions (Mats Wilander, Jimmy Connors, Boris Becker, Pete Sampras, Ivan Lendl, John McEnroe, Jim Courier and Andy Roddick) to a now completely demolished field that is unwatchable. Good job ATP. Way to make these new point designations and completely ruin more than half of your tournaments.


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