NBC – Nothing But Crap

nbc sucksWould someone please tell NBC that sports are meant to be watched live? It’s unbelievable that the greatest nation in the world should have to suffer through tape-delayed coverage of the most important tennis tournament of the year. To make matters worse, if you’re a west coast tennis fan, like myself, not only do you get NBC’s crappy tape-delayed coverage, but ESPN’s live coverage also blackouts, so the NBC airing can be seen.

This is pathetic and absolutely, positively bush league. Can you imagine what it would be like to watch Al Michaels calling Sunday Night Football tape delayed? It’s ridiculous, the fan already knows the score, and who won, and probably have already found a way to be resourceful and find the game on the internet. This is the type of thing Americans on the west coast knew they had to deal with all week long, but what about the “privileged” east coast viewers?

I’m going to put this question out there NBC. Would you rather watch a live match starting in the middle of the second set, or would you want to watch it tape delayed, so you can see the entire match? NBC has made their choice three consecutive days. They would rather show Murray vs. Roddick in its entirety on tape, than just start their coverage live. Unbelievable, ridiculous, disgusting, atrocious. Words can not describe the stupidity. If I was John McEnroe or Ted Robinson, I would be embarrassed that my broadcast isn’t being seen live in America.

Wednesday, the peacock network showed Roger Federer tape delayed when they could have shown the conclusion to the Haas-Djokovic match live. That thrilling four-set upset fell into their lap due to the ridiculous broadcast regulations that rudely took away true live coverage from ESPN. During that match, not only could ESPN not mention the Federer score, but they couldn’t even finish the match out. To add insult to injury, NBC didn’t air its conclusion live. They showed Federer taped, then showed the conclusion to the Haas-Djokovic match on tape after the Federer match in its entirety. They also didn’t show Lleyton Hewitt against Roddick live either. How could America have this type of coverage? Every tennis fan should be trying to get this matter fixed asap, and in all honesty, every sports fan in general should complain.

Let’s not forget west coast, they cheated us out of live coverage for THE OLYMPICS just a year ago. Oh, yes, the greatest world sporting event that only occurs once every four years.

And to football, baseball or basketball fans who can’t relate to my frustration. Imagine waiting all day to see your team play Sunday night, and instead of seeing them live, you either are forced to watch the Colts against the Titans because it was the “best” game of the day, or even more frustrating, NBC picks up coverage at six, but the game started at five, so instead of just picking it up in the second quarter, they start at the beginning of the game. It sounds like a joke to the mainstream sports fan, right? In the words of John McEnroe: YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS!

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