Sober Rankings

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (48-28) The Dodgers are happy they don’t have to deal with the AL anymore. They went 2-4 against the AL last week and 9-9 overall. This team will get Manny Ramirez back Friday in one of their first mini slumps of the season.

2. Boston Red Sox (46-29) Boston finishes interleague play at 11-7 and retains first place in the toughest division in baseball. The Mike Lowell injury could be a minor set back for the Nation, but somehow, the Sox will find a way to overcome it as usual. Look for Kevin Youkilis to continue filling in at third, while Mark Kotsay or even Rocco Baldelli could take over first base.

3. New York Yankees (43-32) The Yankees ended interleague play on a five game winning streak. They owned the Subway Series this year 5-1, but only went 5-7 against the rest of the NL. The Yankees will take on a Mariner team that just won a series from the Dodgers, the best team in baseball.

4. Tampa Bay Rays (42-35) Three AL East teams in the top four?! The Rays are currently riding a five game winning streak and are the defending AL champions, but will they be the odd man out in this ridiculously tough division? One thing is for certain, they would love to see the NL more, they went 13-5 against the senior circuit.

5. Los Angeles Angels (41-32) The Angels actually capitalized on the inferior NL more than the Rays going a league best 14-4 in route to taking the AL West lead away from the Rangers. The Halos, much like the Rays and Yanks, take a five game winning streak into Texas for a huge series.

6. Detroit Tigers (42-33) The Tigers are 8-2 their last 10 games and are trying to make an early push for the division. The Tigers will head to Minnesota for a weekend series that will be a very important midseason test for both squads.

7. Texas Rangers (40-36) The Rangers surprisingly struggled a bit against the NL, only going 9-9. They’re 3-7 their last 10 games including being shutout by Chad Gaudin and the Padres. The all star break can’t come soon enough for this team in dire need of a break to get things back together.

8. Toronto Blue Jays (41-36) The fourth place team in the AL East may be as good as some first place teams in other divisions. The Jays remain three back of the Yanks for the wild card. Their ace Roy Halladay is coming back today just in time for a pivotal two week stretch where they will meet the Rays twice and Yankees once.

9. St Louis Cardinals (41-36) The Cardinals remain in a dead heat with the Brewers, but have added Mark DeRosa to the fray. DeRosa is the ultimate team utility player. This guy will play anywhere on that field. He started in left field his first game, when he usually he plays infield.

10. Milwaukee Brewers (40-35) Nobody is happier than the Brewers to be done with interleague play. The Brew crew went 5-10 against the AL, and they will be more than happy to take on two struggling NL ball clubs this week in the Mets and Cubs.

11. Philadelphia Phillies (39-34) The AL was even more unkind to the Phillies, they went 6-12 against the AL. The reason for this however is most definitely because they had to play all AL East teams proving how great that division really is.

12. Colorado Rockies (40-35) The Rockies were one of the few NL teams who actually enjoyed interleague. They went 11-4, the best of any NL team. They will take on the Dodgers in Los Angeles this week in a gigantic series for them, especially considering it’s the last before Manny returns.

13. San Francisco Giants (40-34) The Giants are leading the wild card race in the NL much to everyone’s surprise. The Giants really need to try to find a bat before the trade deadline if they want to keep contending.

14. Seattle Mariners (39-36) The Mariners have been surging lately. They’ve won seven of their last 10, but have to fly east to New York and Boston. If they can get out of that road trip unscathed, the AL West may be a three horse race, but don’t count on that happening!

15. Minnesota Twins (39-38) The Twins enjoyed interleague play going 12-6. This team just contends every season in the AL Central regardless of who’s in the lineup. They’re only four games behind the Tigers, and face them this weekend.

16. New York Mets (37-37) The Mets went 5-10 in interleague play, but it wasn’t all about their competition. It also was about their injuries. Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran (three all stars) all missed games against the mighty AL.

17. Cincinnati Reds (37-37) The Reds are just hanging around in the NL Central. They’ve been right around the .500 mark all season long, and if that keeps up, they’ll be in this race for the long haul. Cincy fans will take 2.5 games back nearly half way through the season.

18. Florida Marlins (38-39) The Marlins are coming off a disappointing sweep by their AL rival Rays, but face a great schedule this week with the Nationals and Pirates on the horizon.

19. Chicago Cubs (35-37) The Cubs are the most disappointing team in baseball right now. It seems like they need Aramis Ramirez back more and more every day. Maybe the all star break will be a good time for mental rest…

20. Chicago White Sox (37-38) Ozzie’s team is still one game under .500, yet only five games behind the Tigers. The Sox will play everyone in the AL Central except for the Tigers before the all star break, so this will be a very important two week stretch for them.

21. Baltimore Orioles (34-41) I can’t help but thinking that the Orioles would be a .500 team in any other division, and maybe even better. The O’s went 11-7 against the NL and have been playing decent ball, but they’re need to bring their A game this week because they face Boston and Los Angeles.

22. Atlanta Braves (35-40) Five games under .500, but only five games out of first. That’s not that bad if you’re a Brave fan.

23. Houston Astros (35-38) Just like the AL Central, it almost seems like anyone can win the NL Central. The Astros head west this week where they have been dominant this season. They are 12-4 against the west.

24. Pittsburgh Pirates (35-40) The Pirates actually went 8-7 in interleague play. They’ll look to build upon that momentum heading into the all star break.

25. San Diego Padres (33-41) The Padres finished interleague off strong at least, winning their final two games against the Rangers. What’s the over/under on Dodger fans at their July 3 game when Manny comes back?

26. Kansas City Royals (32-42) The Royals continue their free fall to the cellar of the AL Central. They went 3-7 their last 10 games, and are dangerously close to those Indians.

27. Oakland A’s (31-43) 5-13 wasn’t very good against the NL, but then again, it kind of mirrors the rest of their season, which has been downright ugly. Where will Matt Holliday land by the trade deadline?

28. Cleveland Indians (31-46) The Tribe went an identical 5-13 against the NL. With two series against the White Sox and one against the Tigers before the all star break, they may be completely eliminated from any chance whatsoever.

29. Arizona Diamondbacks (30-46) Did anyone notice the three errors in one inning against the Angels? That was just ugly. At least they went 5-10 in interleague play, as opposed to the Indians and A’s going 5-13!

30. Washington Nationals (22-51) 7-11 against the AL is actually pretty good for the Nationals. They’d take that ratio of wins to losses for the entire season!


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