The Professional Advertising League

lifelock_taurasi_todd_300 Is it just me or has advertising gotten out of hand lately? It seems as though every highlight nowadays is brought to you by somebody, and don’t even get me started about putting up screen graphics behind the plate during baseball games to advertise for shows on the network covering the game…YES FOX I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU. What the hell are commercial breaks for anyways? That’s where you get all your corporate sponsors in, and I’m all for it then, they deserve it then, but they don’t deserve advertisements during the game. The advertising has now hit an all-time low in America. The Phoenix Mercury set a new trend for American sports teams – wearing their corporate sponsor across their chests instead of their team name. What’s next? Are we going to see the Philadelphia Viagras? Are we going to see the Kansas City McDonalds? Or what about the Minnesota Starbucks? Sad thing is, the WNBA may need to stoop to this level to keep their product alive, but the trend seems to be continuing to even the powerhouse that is the NFL. The Houston Texans have followed in suit. They will have advertisers on their practice jerseys. Granted it’s not quite the same as the real game day jersey, but it still means the purity in sports seems to be doomed.


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