Sober Rankings

1. Toronto Blue Jays (26-14) – Roy Halladay now has an MLB best 8 wins. He’s gone 8-1 this year and a ridiculous 19-6 with a 2.62 ERA his last 25 starts. Halladay has contributed to the AL’s second best team ERA of 3.90, while the bats up north also remain on fire. The Jays lead the majors in hits (418), runs (231) and RBI (219).

2. Boston Red Sox (22-16) – David Ortiz went 0-7 with 12 men left on base on Thursday, and was actually benched against the Mariners. The Red Sox lead the league in an ugly category, grounding out into double plays 43 times this season. With all this said, the Sox remain near the top of every offensive statistic, and lead the AL with 166 BB.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers (26-13) – The Dodgers know how to get out on top early. The Dodgers lead the league with 40 first inning runs in just 39 games. Juan Pierre is filling in quite admirably. He’s gone 20-43 since Manny Ramirez’s suspension, stole 6 bases and 9 RBI. Everybody likes to make jokes about the $10 million dollar man, who has “insane power, power like Barry Bonds+Mark McGwire+Manny Ramirez all wrapped in one”, but if Pierre can continue batting .419, Joe Torre may have a problem figuring out who the fourth outfielder is once Ramirez gets back.

4. New York Mets (21-16) – The Mets are 7-3 their last 10 games and have done it with excellent hitting. The Mets lead the league in team BA at .292. Carlos Beltran is second in the NL with a 3.78 ERA and leads the NL with a 4.73 OBP. Johan Santana carries the pitching staff with his NL best 1.36 ERA. And watch out, because he finally got a little bit of run support in his last start. If that keeps happening, Santana wins 20 easily.

5. Texas Rangers (23-14) – The Rangers are playing very well. They’ve won seven straight including the sweep of the Angels. We always knew the Rangers were going to put up scary offensive numbers (62 home runs, .829 OPS and .494 SLG) all good for first in the majors, but how about their recent pitching streak. The team has a 2.63 ERA during this winning streak, and if that holds up, the AL West domination of the Angels may come to an end this season. Continue reading