Sober Rankings

1. Toronto Blue Jays (22-12) – The Blue Jays still lead the best division in baseball after 34 games, but they also still haven’t played the top three teams in the division once. They make their first trip to the new Yankee Stadium on Tuesday, and will play the Red Sox at the end of the month. The offense continues to dazzle led by Aaron Hill. They lead the league in runs scored (204), RBI (195) and team BA (.294). Quite the start for the team up north.

2. Boston Red Sox (20-12) – The Red Sox make a trip out west to take on the resurgent Angels and the struggling Mariners. Boston leads the MLB in OPS, on base plus slugging percentage. Kevin Youkilis (1.224) and Jason Bay (1.134) are first and second in the league in this category. Youkilis also leads the league with his .393 BA, while Bay has filled in admirably for Manny Ramirez. The Fenway faithful may be saying Manny who when Bay’s career is over…

3. St. Louis Cardinals (20-12) – The Cardinals have 9 straight divisional games to play, so they can really take advantage of the Central in the next week and a half. Albert Pujols leads the MLB with 12 home runs, but that’s nothing new! By the way, Pujols also leads the NL with 33 RBI, 32 runs scored and his .696 slugging percentage.

4. Los Angeles Dodgers (22-11) – Andre Eithier is really getting hurt by not having Manny Ramirez in the lineup. He’s only gone 2-19 without Manny, and has 0 RBI in the four games. Jeff Weaver has come back from the minors to give two solid starts, while Jonathon Broxton continues to be almost invincible. 3-0, 0.56 ERA, and 8 saves. If the Dodgers continue to lead the NL in pitching (3.77 ERA), maybe they’ll be able to deal without Manny, but the 1-3 start without him has Dodgertown in shambles.

5. Kansas City Royals (18-14) – It’s Zack Greinke time. But wait a minute, Greinke gave up a run? And wait a minute? Did Greinke lose? Did you see Greinke’s ERA skyrocket to 0.51?! It’s a shame he was dealt his first loss only giving up one run, but it just makes his performance that more impressive this year, and is probably a fitting way for him to lose his first game – in Cy Young form. He leads the majors in wins (6), ERA (0.51), K’s (59), CG’s (4), and SHO (2). It’s not just Greinke who’s pitching well, however. The KC pitching staff has a 3.45 team ERA, the best in the majors. Continue reading