Mannywood closes down

Well, Mannywood didn’t last for very long after Ramirez was struck with a 50 game suspension today for using a female fertility drug.

Ramirez tested positive for a banned substance. At first look, it appeared everything was under control at Chavez Ravine with the Dodgers surging out to a 6-0 lead, but things ended in catastrophic nature when the Dodgers lost their first home game 11-9 to the Washington Nationals. The bullpen gave up 10 runs in just three innings, and now leave the mainstream media to question whether or not the Dodgers will be able to stay atop the NL West. The way I look at it, it’s simple, even if the Dodgers go 20-30 during this stretch, they will still have a 41-38 overall record. Doesn’t that sound like enough to still be in first of the NL West? And 20-30 would be downright awful. And who’s going to challenge them? Arizona? Well they just fired their manager today, in case anyone noticed. The Padres are struggling hardcore even though David Eckstein had a walk off hit against the D-backs today. The Rockies are also not impressing anybody. But what about the Giants? Can their pitching keep them in the race? Is it possible? Can they somehow make a deal asap to fix their lineup? If so, maybe they can get into the race, but until they do that, I don’t have faith in their lineup at all.

Could you have felt any worse for Dodgers GM Ned Colletti at the press conference? He spent months and months in this bidding war with Scott Boras, and finally gave in to his price, and this is how he gets repaid? I know Manny is sorry about this, but he has to be smarter. Forget about his tarnished legacy, let’s focus on what’s really important to manram – the money. He’s losing $7.65 million this year, and now he can’t even opt out at the end of the season because who the heck is going to pay him more than $20 million?

And finally, what about the PR staff? You also have to feel bad for them. They just created this brand spanking new brilliant Mannywood idea. They thought it would be a great promotional opportunity to sell two tickets and Manny shirts for Manny’s jersey number, $99 in left field. And look what happens just a little over a week after it’s launched. PR nightmare! Can you imagine all the phone calls they must have been receiving about refunds, or how they will compensate for Mannywood minus Manny.


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