Super Sunday

Tennis, golf, hockey, baseball, basketball… what more could you want on your Sunday during the middle of the spring in the absence of football? Let’s start with the tennis because that may have been the greatest of the events of the full slate of games today. rafa_at_rolandgarros2008 Rafael Nadal continued his 30 match winning streak on clay defeating Novak Djokovic 7-6, 6-2. The amazing thing about this match is the fight and resolve Djokovic showed, coming back from two breaks during the first set to push the match to a tiebreaker. Djokovic was absolutely obliterating the ball, making Nadal run side-to-side, but each time he couldn’t quite finish the best player in the world off. He would come into the net to finish the point off, and Nadal would hit ridiculous passing shot lobs every time. Djokovic just had to laugh after one lob early in the second set. The quality of play was extremely superb. The two sets took 2 hours and 3 minutes to complete. Imagine if this had been at Roland Garros, the type of drama that could have gone on if they had to play three more sets. Djokovic is the only player to even take a set from Nadal this clay season and is exuding confidence. Roger Federer, at quite the opposite end of the spectrum, is just praying that Djokovic somehow lands in Nadal’s half of the draw at Roland Garros, so he can just have a chance to make the final. ducksHockey also emerged with the epic Red Wing-Duck game 2. The three overtime thriller in Detroit completely changed the momentum of the series. The series is now locked up at 1-1, and should be a dog fight from here on out. You have to like the way the NHL handles the playoffs, that is, you actually have to win it with a goal instead of a shootout. The win for the Ducks really came as a shock since they were getting thoroughly dominated the first two overtimes by the defending champions. The Ducks strategy seemed to be as follows: just try to hold on to their dear lives and stall at all costs because the Ducks were getting out shot 62-46. Then the third overtime came, and this overtime was over as fast as it started. Could you imagine an 8 seed with a legitimate chance in any other sport? Football and baseball don’t take 8 seeds at all, and the NBA has only had three such upsets ever. The NHL has had six 8 seeds win since 1994. Baseball provided a record tying day when Carl Crawford stole six bases in one game, two more than the Atlanta Braves have stolen all season long. Also, the Dodgers stayed perfect at home getting to 10-0. This is only the fourth time in history a team has started 10-0 at home, with Joe Torre’s Atlanta Braves ironically being the last to accomplish such a feat in 1983. The PGA also provide a little entertainment with Tiger Woods in the hunt. American Sean O’Hair overcame a three shot deficit, and won his third career title. Even though the former rookie of the year felt a little bit of pressure, hitting two bogies late, the six birdies he made before was too much for the rest of the field to catch up to. Finally, the NBA had a game 7 that didn’t disappoint. That is, every single game of the series ended up a blowout, quite the opposite of the Bulls-Celtics series. Game 1 in the Denver-Dallas series was intriguing, seeing the Nuggets’ bench step their games up and really run away with game late. My hope is that we get a few more crazy Sundays just like this one to tide our appetite over until the football season comes back…


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