What’s up Doc?

401px-doc_rivers1Was it just me or was Doc Rivers one of the most valuable players for the Bulls last night? One things for sure, he was clearly sweating as if he had played. I’m really wondering why Doc was moping after Brad Miller’s lay up. TNT shows these legendary reaction shots of KG, where the guy looks like he’s more into the game than anyone. He looks like he’s going to take somebody out. His intensity even while sitting on the pine is larger than life. Compare that with Doc who has his hands attached to his knees, looking down at the ground. Not the best way to motivate your players Doc. And Doc, what’s with putting Tony Allen in??? This guy was in for defensive reasons? Then why the heck is he shooting the ball twice in clutch situations after the Celtics had scored 10 possessions in a row? If Tony Allen gets in the last few moments of game 7, I think I’m going to be ill. And how do you take Big Baby out? He’s the second best Celtic on the floor last night! And Doc, please tell me why you are adjusting your lineup, which is dominating the Bulls at the end of regulation, to Chicago’s frantic attempt to gain momentum by going to a small lineup? You’re the defending world champions, make them beat you at your game, don’t allow them to force their game onto you. And with all this said, if Ray Allen’s ridiculous two-pointer where he faded away and just a fraction of his big toe was barely on the line, Allen would have bailed Doc out. Which leads me to my next point, HOW DO YOU NOT GO TO A GUY WHOSE MADE ABOUT 20 ULTRA CLUTCH SHOTS IN THIS SERIES ALONE? HOW DO YOU NOT GO TO THE BEST CLUTCH SHOOTER IN THE GAME PERIOD? It seems quite obvious for anyone to figure out that Ray Allen is having the best game of his season. He’s got 51 points, he’s made 9 threes, and he’s working as hard as I’ve see him work all season long. Did you see him? It was like he was the shark that smelled the blood. He was out for the kill, he knew he didn’t want this series going 7. He actually looked like another UConn guy, Richard Hamilton, out there last night. He darted through the Chicago defense without anyone being able to stop him. My frustration comes not only from Rajon Rondo’s ill-advised attempt at a shot in the third overtime, but also the end of the first overtime and regulation. How does Doc not draw something up? How does he not just give it to Ray Allen off the inbound pass? How does he not just tell the team, let Allen shoot, get him open and look to crash the boards if he starts driving? I know Paul Pierce took the shots at the end of the first overtime and the end of regulation, but even he should know better. You got to go with the hot future hall of fame hand, or maybe even BIG BABY! Big Baby really stepped it up for Boston and probably should have been the second option the way things were going. What is probably the biggest concern for Boston, now, is can Ray Allen possibly put up another performance like that in game 7? We’ll find out tomorrow, and I’m the biggest Allen fan in the world, but I’m really having a hard time seeing him go off like that two games in a row. Paul Pierce is going to have to play like “the best player in the world” if Boston wants to advance past the first round.


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