Greinke = Nati(o)nals

natinals Maybe Majestic Athletics left out the “o” on the Nationals jerseys of Adam Dunn and Ryan Zimmerman last week for a reason. Maybe it was a harbinger of things to come. Maybe Majestic decided to omit it because the “o” is being used too frequently by the very few, poor National fans in America. They constantly are left with one letter to describe their franchise – O. As in oh my – how can we be that bad. As in – o crap – the Nats were actually going to win, but of course blew another game. As in – O and 7 to start out the season. And finally as in O! we actually have one two game winning streak this year. While all this is going on, and the Nats only have 5 total wins, a guy in Kansas City is out performing the entire team by himself. Zach Greinke has won 5 games this season for the Royals in 5 appearances. He has a .50 ERA, 44 strikeouts and 2 complete games already.


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