Draft Analysis

After a lightning quick 3 hour 23 minute first round, what did we learn?

UConn… Yes, UConn (4) had the second most draft selections on day 1. Only USC had more (5). When did Huskies become a football powerhouse too?

aldavis When I predicted Al Davis wanted speed with the seventh overall pick, I couldn’t have been more right – except, little did I know he would pull the trigger on Darrius Heyward-Bey. Heyward-Bey was the biggest stunner in the entire draft. He did run a 4.30 though, the fastest 40-yard dash time. It’s just very difficult to warrant drafting a guy with questionable hands this high when Michael Crabtree and Jeremy Macklin were still on the board. The only pick that may have been more surprising was the Raiders second round pick, Michael Mitchell. ESPN didn’t even have a highlight reel ready for the guy, and said he was the 73rd ranked safety! If you’re an Oakland fan, I’m sure you’re getting used to these unfathomable situations Al Davis is consistently getting this team into – and you probably expected this to happen…

Mangenious trades down three times, trying to disguise his new plan of attack, and suddenly lands on the secret world of Alex Mack.

With their first pick the Bengals didn’t disappoint. They drafted suspect character in Andre Smith, who will fit in with the best. Tank Johnson, Chris Henry and the rest – imagine what Smith could learn. The Bengals made one move that was uncharacteristically done. They picked Rey Maulauga who, surprisingly, fell out of round one. The former Trojan is now the face of that lacking defense.

The Chargers drafted Larry English, who brought havoc upon the little MAC. They’ll have to hope he pans out or else this could be a major bust. Especially considering thel likes of proven big conference commodities Matthews, Maulauga and Lauranitis were still on the board.

The Jets gave up five players for Mark Sanchez, but I think it’s worth it in the end. This team was playoff bound just a year ago, if Brett Favre could have kept it going. So, if Sanchez is the answer, Rex Ryan may have set his team up to be in a great situation in two years.

Draft Winners: Colts, they filled two needs in the first two rounds with the NCAA’s leading rusher, and a killer defensive tackle from the best defense in the NCAA. Eagles get the second best WR, Jeremy Macklin, along with the flashy and shifty Lesean McCoy.

Draft Losers: Raiders, two just non-sensical, mind-boggling picks. Buccaneers, they make one pick – Josh Freeman – who they trade up to get and I’m not convinced he’ll even end up being an average NFL quarterback.

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