And the ballots are out

mlb-2009-asgThe ballots are out and fans from all across the nation are captivated. Baseball fans are sprinting to their computers to be the first voters. Or… umm… maybe not.

The fact of the matter is that 2009 All Star voting opened up in April, 2.5 weeks into the MLB season. I’m not going to lie, this seems like very strange timing considering the All Star game won’t be played until July.

What are we basing are voting on here? Is it the first 15 games or so? Is it last year? One thing is for certain, it can’t possibly be on the stats from this year. That’s asking fans to determine who’s an all star based on 1/10 of the season.

I didn’t want to bring this up, but I have to – If we’re going to use a math analogy, the data set is not big enough, so the results WILL be skewed. fig1Remember stats class back in the day? You probably hated going out and finding all the data. MLB’s all star voting is like taking a sample of 10 people as opposed to 100. Could you imagine your math teacher advising her students to only take data from 10 people?

Could you imagine Family Feud working with only 10 people? I could see it now…we’ve surveyed 10 people from across the nation, let’s get the top answers on the board, alright… What color is the grass? Answer: green – X… Oh, I’m sorry, blue, we were looking for blue, as in the Kentucky bluegrass or the Boise State football field. (the viewer thinks hard for a second – and then only seems to say, isn’t Kentucky bluegrass still green?)

dickjauron It’s just insane, it would have been like an NFL owner giving a coach with a career record of 20 games under .500 a contract extension because his team started out 4-0. It would have been like all the expert analysts taking that team as Superbowl champions because they got the easiest schedule possible. Wait a minute… that did happen… Dick Jauron… I know you’re a good defensive coordinator…but…this is ridiculous. Buffalo? As someone smarter than me once put it, “What’s the hell’s going on out here?”


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