Welcome to Dodger baseball… or maybe not

Something just didn’t feel right Tuesday night on KCAL, and even though the Dodgers jumped out with a three-spot in the first inning, the unsettling feeling was still incurable. That’s because something wasn’t right, this was the first broadcast of the season without Vin Scully. vin scully

Scully won’t be calling any of the 38 games east of Colorado this year, and this was the first time fans had to endure a game without the legendary announcer. When you watch a Dodger game, you can always count on one thing – inviting that same comforting and omniscient voice you’ve probably heard your entire life into your living room. The man who could teach you more things about your team (and even the opposing team) than you may ever even want to know! The man who can call the play-by-play and color commentary all by himself.

It was an unusual feeling indeed when fans weren’t greeted by the customary catch phrase, “Welcome to Dodger baseball”, rather they would have to deal with one of his replacements, “Psycho” Steve Lyons, for the first time.

Wait… isn’t that the same guy who Fox fired after butchering the spanish word ‘hablar’ intentionally three years ago? Didn’t “Psycho” say he wasn’t “hablaing espanol” and he was “still looking for his wallet?” The choice of “Psycho” just seems… well… psycho. Going from a man who is the consummate professional to someone who earned a tacky nickname to go along with many questionable moments (at best) on the field, including taking his pants off during a game. It was all too weird to adjust to the new sound of Dodger baseball, and all too eerie to handle – that Scully’s first game out was actually the eighth anniversary of the Dodger Stadium press box being named after him and also the end to the eight game winning streak.


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